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Games Free Space

ATUALIZAÇÃO EM 10/04/2023: Por questões comerciais o aplicativo está sendo retirado da loja.

Um app para os amantes de jogos de PC. Com ele, você recebe diariamente uma notificação com a quantidade de jogos a preço zero ou com grande desconto. Aí, é só abrir o aplicativo e olhar as ofertas.

A tela do aplicativo é bem simples, mostrando cada jogo e o valor da oferta.

Não é preciso efetuar cadastro, informar perfil, nada. Basta abrir o aplicativo e ver as ofertas.

Information in English

A space to know, in first hand, the PC games in promotion: free or almost free.
Do you like PC games? Do you spend some time (and money) with games? Then, this space is for you!

Be in touch with the best prices on digital game downloads for PC.

Everyday you will receive a notification in order to check the games in promotion, free or almost free.

We use a service that look in sites of several suppliers of PC games in order to find out offers of discount.

Once a day we check the news and send notification to you, thru the app.

We stay awake for you
Just download the app and see the offers.

Notifications every day
Receive an notification per day with the offers.

Just download our app and wait for notifications. No account or login needed. And it is free!

Choose your game, tap the block and go to the store!

Source Sites
These are some source sites where the offers is searched:

The Humble Store
Green Man Gaming


Here, some questions and anwsers.

Why is there free game?

Some developers use this strategy to increase rapidly the number of users.

Is free foverer?

Normally, no. This strategy is for a limited time.

Why is there discount game?

For the same reason as free game: to increase the rapidly the number of users.

Why some games are free and others offers only discounts?

The owner of the game defines the strategy. It can be offer as free, with a huge discount or any other way to be popular.

How this service works?

The image bellow shows the information flow, from game sites to your device.


We are trying to keep gamers find the new and best games for free, or, at least, with a comfortable price.

Simples, just it. Enjoy!

Privacy Policy

What personal data we collect and why
No account, no personnal information, no data. We do not collect any information about you.